• Makeup Lessons

  • Makeup is not just about looking better, it’s about feeling better. Every women should be able to grab their makeup bag with a few key products and some professional tips and tricks and create a beautiful easy look that makes you feel great.

    Whether you’re a busy working mum who needs a 3-minute quick makeup job for work or you want to perfect the sexiest evening look using the right products and tools? Book a personalized makeup lesson and I’ll make sure you leave feeling confident about makeup.

  • Why book a Makeup Lesson?

    • It can give you that much needed boost to your confidence
    • If you have a special occasion coming up it will give you the tools to ensure you look your very best
    • It will make you realise that you CAN look really good every day, no exceptions, even when you’re exhausted
    • It will keep you up to date with the latest makeup trends.
    • You don’t have to waste any more money on all the wrong makeup products and you will learn that your makeup investment need only be for a few key products
    • You will save precious time every day, as you will know exactly what techniques to use to look fabulous
    • You could buy someone you LOVE the amazing gift of a makeup lesson, boosting their confidence
    • You could do a makeup lesson with a friend or group of friends – all learning a new skills together in a friendly environment

    Contact Melinda today to get started with your Makeup lessons.