• Creative & Fantasy Makeup

  • Creative and fantasy makeup is fun because it allows artists and models to color outside the lines of more traditional industry looks. It's truly amazing what just one simple color palette and a few professional brushes can create in the fantasy arena. There are absolutely no limits – other than your own imagination!

    The theater industry utilizes creative and fantasy makeup techniques quite often, as do the film and television industries. However, you don't have to be a professional performer to enjoy the effects of creative and fantasy makeup. These techniques can be used for a variety of events outside those industries as well.

  • Some suggestions where you may want to use creative and fantasy makeup techniques are:

    • Mardi Gras events
    • Masquerade balls
    • Costume parties
    • Halloween events
    • Cosplay events

    It doesn't matter which fantasy look you're trying to achieve. Creative makeup artist Melinda can create it for you. She works closely with her clients to ensure she understands their creative visions and outlines the best approach to take for bringing those visions to life.

    Remember, the only limit to Melinda's creativity is your imagination!

    To schedule your creative and fantasy makeup consultation with Melinda or to book your next session, contact her via phone or email any time to turn your fantasy into reality.