• Magazine, Advertising & Editorial Makeup Artist

  • When looking at glossy magazines, our eyes are instantly drawn to the beautiful imagery associated with editorial photography. Editorial spreads are used to tell a story, depict a scene or evoke a certain emotional state. Fashion designers use editorial spreads quite often, especially the larger couture brands. In this type of photography, the model is what your eyes focus on and you will notice how perfectly her makeup reflects her surroundings, mood and overall nature of the scene. This is editorial makeup at its finest – and that's exactly what it is meant to do.

  • Just like the fashion industry, the advertising industry is extremely visual. Catching the consumer's eye is of utmost importance when making your brand stand out from the rest. Of course, capturing the true essence of your brand via models in an advertising campaign can be challenging. The hair, the makeup, the clothes and the scene – all these things must work in tandem to achieve the desired effect and be flawless enough to perceive perfection across all forms of printed media.

    Auckland-based editorial makeup artist has more than a decade of experience creating immaculate editorial makeup and advertising makeup services. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the Auckland fashion industry  - along with many television celebrities, models and advertising firms as well. She has worked with some of the most recognizable names in the cosmetics industry, such as MAC Cosmetics and prides herself on creating professional results that are as flawless in print as they are in person.

    To schedule your advertising makeup or editorial makeup session with Melinda, use the contact methods available on her website.