• 5 Steps to the Perfect Smokey Eye

    1. Prime your eyelids There is nothing worse than eye shadow that moves and melts just an hour or two into your night! Always remember to prep your eyelids, sweeping your primer across your lids and letting it dry before applying any eye shadow. 2. Apply your eye-shadow It’s easy to assume ‘smokey’ means only black or grey shades, but even you can create the most gorgeous smokey eyes with [...]

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    Tips & Advice

    August 10, 2015

    When it comes to makeup application, we could all use some extra insight, right? The highlights below should help in your daily application, and provide some quick tips you may not have ever known: • A clean, fresh face is the best base for make-up. Cleanse and tone skin, then apply moisturiser and allow it ten minutes to sink in before starting on your make up. • To find your perfect shade of[...]

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