• 5 Steps to the Perfect Smokey Eye

  • 1. Prime your eyelids

    There is nothing worse than eye shadow that moves and melts just an hour or two into your night! Always remember to prep your eyelids, sweeping your primer across your lids and letting it dry before applying any eye shadow.

    Smokey eye makeup

    2. Apply your eye-shadow

    It’s easy to assume ‘smokey’ means only black or grey shades, but even you can create the most gorgeous smokey eyes with a variety of colours. Simply choose a light, medium and dark shade in the same colour family to create your smokey eye.

    • Using an eye shadow brush, apply the lightest shade of eye-shadow across your entire eyelid.
    • Apply the medium shade to the crease of our eye, sweeping the shadow from the outer eye to the inner eye area in an arch shaped motion.
    • Next, apply the darkest shade of shadow to the centre of the crease and use a fluffy blending brush to blend this colour towards the outer corner of the eye. Be careful not to go beyond the but do not the edge of your eyebrows.

    The key to the ultimate smokey eye is to BLEND! There should be no harsh lines. Use circular motions to ‘smoke out’ your eye shadows.

    To amp up the intensity of your Smokey eye, add extra dark shadow to the creases of your eyelids and eyeliner above your upper lash line.

    3. Line it up

    Eyeliner is perfect for adding even more drama to your smokey eye. For a cat eye look, use a gel eyeliner along the lash line. Start at the inner corner, and finish up with a tapered line where your eyeshadow ends.

    4. Lots of Lashes

    To complement your smokey eye, apply lashings of mascara. It’s also the perfect excuse to add on some false lashes!

    5. Concealer

    It’s always best to apply your under eye concealer when your smokey eyes are finished, to even out your skin tone and disguise any dark under eye circles. (In fact, some makeup artists apply eyemakeup before foundation. This way it easier to clean up any fall out and tidy edges.)

    There you have it – the perfect statement Smokey eye. Remember to keep your lips nude. The main focus should be put on either your eyes or on your lips, never both.